Digital X-Rays  Rohnert Park, CA


Our office is equipped with one of the only state of the art Full Spine Digital X-ray units in the area. With X-rays, we are able to visualize bone structure, joint position, past biomechanical traumatic injuries, alignment issues, spinal abnormalities, scoliosis patterns, and more. With digital X-rays, we are able to see the results of the images in seconds!

When we are caring for your spine and surrounding joints, we do not want to guess. Taking X-rays will eliminate the need to guess because now, we can see exactly what is going on within the spinal structures and joints.

After reviewing your health history and performing all the essential examinations, the doctors will only take the necessary X-ray views. Then the doctors will go over what has been discovered on the digital images.

When we are able to pair your orthopedic & neurological examination findings, sEMG nerve scan results, and digital X-ray report altogether, we will be fully equipped to help you in the best way possible!

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