Our fees have been set to make chiropractic care affordable to everyone. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover chiropractic to be extremely cost-effective and affordable. The regular office visit fee is only $55. Spinal X-rays vary from $40 to $85 each, depending on how many views are taken. Examination fees are standard depending upon what services are provided to the patient, from a basic spinal checkup all the way to a comprehensive exam with orthopedic and neurological tests.

Pre-payment discounts are available. Our patients love the prepay plan, which includes 10 visits with a 10% discount. This makes each adjustment only $49.50.

We always offer a free consultation with spinal checkup to any person who wants to come in and meet the doctor and see what our office is all about. We believe in the value of wellness care for you and your family and we have maintained an affordable pricing structure.


We accept most health insurance plans. Dr. Du is a provider in network with MedicareBlue Shield, VA (Veterans), and MedRisk (Worker’s Comp). We always collect at the time of your visit, but we will bill out to your insurance company within the same week. We also work closely with a network of insurance adjustors and attorneys for Auto Accidents and Personal Injuries.

At Du Chiropractic we’re convinced that proper care for your most important asset – your health – will be far less time consuming and expensive than trying to recover it. If you feel you do not have enough time or money to take care of yourself, please contact us – we can help!  The last thing we want is for you to come to our wellness center in crisis. So please, we encourage you to take your health very seriously.  As the old saying goes, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Unfortunately, too many people do not discover how true that statement is until it is too late.